Aug 28, 2009

Too much information

Facebook, Twitter, blogging--social media channels like these are opening doors all over the world.

Unfortunately, uninvited guests are starting to step through those doors. Literally.

Articles like this one, in which a man and his family were robbed after an innocent post on Twitter, are starting to pop up all over the Internet.

Mashable recently posted an article in which a "reformed burglar" calls Facebook and Twitter a "Burglar's goldmine."

There are two problems here: We, as social media users, are all too willing to share every bit of information about our lives, and we also tend to accept friend/follow requests from complete strangers without thinking twice.

A good rule of thumb: Don't accept a Facebook friend request from anyone you don't personally know. If you use Facebook for business or promotion consider building a Facebook page rather than using your own personal account.

As far as Twitter is concerned, expect total strangers to start following you. 99% of the time it's completely innocent--people follow you because of your content. Just make sure to remember that your followers aren't just your close, personal friends. Don't reveal any personal information that could put you or your family in jeopardy.

I know the only reason we go on vacation is so we can talk about it (at least it seems that way sometimes), but just try and refrain until you're safely back in your home.


I'm going to try and get this thing humming again. A thousand apologies for not writing anything meaningful in such a long time. Forgiveness, please.