Jun 16, 2009

HOW TO: Connect your Twitter feed and Facebook Status

Are you on Facebook, constantly updating your status?

Are you on Twitter, constantly telling everyone what you're doing?

Sick of doing basically the same thing on two different platforms?

Then you sound like someone who needs to make a little connection. You may not know it, but your Twitter feed and your Facebook status can be one and the same--inseparably connected. When you update one, the other follows suit without question.

All you have to do is add the "Twitter" application to your Facebook account.

Here's how: Simply log in to Facebook, search for Twitter and click on the application (Make sure it's the application, not a group or a page). When you land on the application page, click on the button to add it to your profile. You'll be prompted to give your Twitter username and password.

Follow the instructions until the application has been successfully added, and then you'll never have to bounce from site to site again. Just post something to Twitter, and the same message will appear on Facebook.

Pretty sweet, eh? How do you like it?

Jun 15, 2009


You may have noticed I haven’t updated this blog for a while. This is simply because I was nowhere near a computer. I was completely unplugged, disconnected and isolated.

It was great.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been out on the open road, then hiking through beautiful slot canyons and most recently diving through waves at the beach.

And I never even considered Tweeting, updating my Facebook Status or blogging about it. I just enjoyed the moment.

And therein lay an important message: Learn when (and how) to unplug. Not only that, but make a conscious effort to unplug. Online communities are growing exponentially every day, but never let social media destroy your personal social life.

You may not believe me, but I promise you can live without Twitter for a few hours… or days. Enjoy the people who can speak to you face-to-face, and the conversations that can last more than 140 characters.